About The Agency

For more than three decades, Alan Weinkrantz And Company has worked with technology-based companies to help them create their message, become properly positioned, and gain the recognition they deserve.

With years of experience in promoting new and disruptive technologies, we have an expertise in creating interest that will help generate new sales, create loyal customers, increase public visibility, and execute a liquidity event. We’re creative, confident, and well-connected. We work hard, ask questions, and take risks that pay off.

As a result, we’ve built a global client base. We create awareness of exciting, new, disruptive technologies that will alter the business and consumer landscape.

Directing the media, bloggers, analysts, and thought leaders’ spotlight to get our clients noticed is something we excel at. We have creative ways of generating quality coverage, compelling stories, and industry buzz with real news value. We have strong relationships, and the companies we represent gain positive and widespread coverage around the world.

We pitch our clients as experts in their field to demonstrate thought leadership. We craft memorable messages that resonate with a company’s many audiences, such as the media, industry analysts, bloggers, customers, partners, suppliers, and the financial community. We work with our clients to develop blogging strategies to make them the focus of industry buzz that can help them evangelize their technology and products. Our agency’s own daily blog offers insights on life in the technology PR lane with advice and examples of how to elevate your company.

At Alan Weinkrantz And Company, we take an individualized approach to developing strategic communications plans that set our clients apart from the competition and elevate them above the noise. After all, their success is our success ­ and we get results.